Real Life Features

Dad Accidentally Ran Over His Little Girl

A terrible accident changed this family’s lives forever

Pageant Mom Regrets Dressing Daugther Like Pretty Woman

Wendy’s shocking look exposed her to a much darker side of the pageant world

My Ex Tried To Kill Me In Front Of Our Son

Kate thought she’d found the man of her dreams, but she almost paid the ultimate price for falling in love

Tao Por Lynch
Meet The World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher

At 91-years-old super bendy Tao Porchon-Lynch is living proof age is just a number

My Baby Was Shot Inside My Womb

Tiffany nearly lost her life and her unborn baby

My Husband Became A Woman

Shellie thought she’d found the man of her dreams, until her transgender husband became her wife

Having No Arms Didn’t Stop Me From Being A Pilot

Brave Jessica tells how she is living proof you can accomplish anything you put your mind to

My Ex Saved My Life

When Sabrina fell ill her ex-fiancé donated his kidney to save her life

I Forgot My Wedding Day So We Said ‘I Do’ Again

When a heart attack left Amanda in a coma on her wedding night, all the happy memories from her big day disappeared

A Plane Crash Stole Our Husbands

A devastating accident wiped out Kim’s family leaving her and her daughters widows

Anorexia Stole My Chances Of Becoming A Mom

After battling anorexia for 30 years Danielle is finally in recovery

I Forgave My Daughter For Killing Our Family

Terry says he still loves his convicted teenage daughter and is looking forward to her release from prison

Brenda Whilhlemson-Bella-Featured
Diary Of An Alcoholic Housewife

In attempt to beat her addiction, Brenda got pregnant with her second child

My Son Hired A Hitman To Kill Me

Dana forgave her teenage son after he tried to take her life

Brave Mom Receives Hand Transplant

Emily lost her hand six years ago in a tragic car accident, but following her groundbreaking transplant she can finally hold her daughter’s hand

My Husband Was A Serial Rapist

Joy’s perfect husband was living a double life as the notorious ‘Ether Man’ who had been on a horrific crime spree for over 20 years

SarahChurman_Featured copy
Mom Can Finally Hear Her Kids Laugh

After 29 years Sarah received a groundbreaking hearing implant that allows her to hear for the very first time

Human Ken Doll Meets Real Life Barbie

Justin’s plastic surgery addiction doesn’t compare to Valerie’s

I Accidentally Killed My Daughter

Judy recalls the devastating moment she accidentally ran over her nine-year-old daughter with her SUV

Black Market Plastic Surgery Ruined My Life

Botched plastic surgery is turned Rajee’s face to stone

Dumpster Diving For Christmas Gifts

Kelly’s ‘freegan’ lifestyle has saved her a whopping $120,000 over the last four years

Happily Married To My Gay Best Friend

Celebrating 10 years of marriage, the mom-of-three shares secrets about her perfect relationship with her gay best friend

I Planned My Wedding Without A Husband

Lisa was on a mission to find Mr. Right, but after she came up short she gave away her dream wedding to a deserving couple

My Extreme Feeding Tube Diet

Despite only having a few pounds to lose, this mom spent a fortune on ten days of extreme dieting

IVF Baby Could Save My Daughter’s Life

After Beth’s daughter was diagnosed with a terminal disease she had a baby through IVF in hopes that one day he’ll be able to save his older sister

Former Pageant Queen Tells All

Brooke exposes the truth about Toddlers & Tiaras and tells how being a beauty queen destroyed her relationship with her mom

Extreme Weight Loss Saved My Life

After slipping into a coma from being so overweight, Jen was given an ultimatum to either diet or die

My Double Life As A Sperm Donor

Despite having a wife and kids at home, Joe has fathered over 20 children through sperm donation and his family has no idea

My Breast Implants Poisoned My Son

After breast feeding her newborn baby, Shari unknowingly infected her son with silicone poisoning from her breast implants

Christina Symanski-Featured
The Ultimate Sacrifice For True Love

After a tragic accident left Christina paralyzed, she took her own life so her boyfriend could go on with his

Making Love Helped Her Slim Down

World’s fattest woman has lost an incredible 100 pounds thanks to vibrant sex life

I Accidentally Killed My Boyfriend

After years of abuse Mia finally fought back, using her weight as her weapon and squashing her boyfriend to death by accident

Pauline Potter-Sun-Featured
Meet The World’s Heaviest Woman

Despite weighing nearly 700 pounds, Pauline tells how she’s still happily in love

Peet Montzingo-People-Featured
Growing Up ‘Normal’ In A Dwarf Family

At 6ft tall Peet is twice the size of his parents and siblings who are all dwarfs

Twitter Diet
Weight Loss Success on the Twitter Diet

Camille slimmed down to nearly half her size by tweeting what she eats on what she refers to as the ‘humiliation diet’ on Twitter

Meet The Woman With XXX Breast Implants

She will risk anything, including her life, to keep her title as the woman with the “World’s Biggest Breast Implants”

Marie Walsh1
Fugitive Mom On The Run For 32 Years

After living a double life for more than three decades Marie’s secret was finally exposed when she revealed all to her family

World’s Youngest Tummy Tuck Tells How Op Saved Her Life

At just 12-years-old Brooke became the youngest person in the world to have weight loss surgery

Tara Fall
Tragic Mom Cannot Recognize Her Own Kids

Tara suffers from prosopagnosia, also known as face blindness, which inhibits her from recognizing her friends, family and even herself sometimes

Facebook Wedding-pickmeup
Facebook Saved My Wedding

After falling ill last year Monique was forced to cancel her wedding until strangers on Facebook came to the rescue and re-planned the special day for her

My MMM Breast Implants Nearly Killed Me

After suffering a life threatening infection, model Sheyla Hershey tells how her dream of having the world’s biggest nearly took her life

I Lost 70kg With A Gastric Mind Band

Marianne tells how she lost weight by thinking herself thin

Why I Want To Marry A Millionaire

This self-proclaimed gold digger tells how she struck gold with her millionaire boyfriend

I Call My 1,000 Tumors My Roommates

Kelly tells how she keeps a positive attitude and send of humor despite living with chronic pain

Berns Triplets-new2
Tragedy Triplets Learn To Smile Again

Sisters Chandra, Jordan and Trae Berns reveal how after being badly burned as toddlers they have learned to embrace their beauty as adults

Bridalplasty Winner Shocker

Allyson Donovan tells how she had so much plastic surgery before her big day, her husband-to-be didn’t even recognize her

Meet the 7-Year-Old Schizophrenic

Voices in January Schofield’s Head Said: ‘Kill Your Baby Brother’

Conjoined Twins
Conjoined Twins Miracle

Mom Erin Herrin reveals what its like raising conjoined twins and her heartbreaking decision to separate them

America’s Oldest Mom Of Twins Reveals All

Frieda Birnbaum reveals how having twins at 60 tore her family apart

Priscilla Caputo
Plastic Surgery Ruined My Looks

Model Priscilla Caputo tells how her plastic surgery addiction spiraled out of all control

Plastic Surgery WAGS
Plastic Surgeons Make Over Their Own Wives

Meet two women who love going under their husband’s knife

Ellen Rogers
A Monkey Saved My Son’s Life

A paralyzed man learns how to live again with help of his furry friend

Deb - Orgasm
My 12-Hour Orgasms Are Runing My Life

Deb Poepping tells why constantly being aroused isn’t as much fun as it sounds